Virtual Conference: Troubleshooting Very Complex Oracle Performance Problems


Miami 2021 Learn to troubleshoot some of the most complex Oracle performance problems - real life case studies by Tanel Põder

I already announced my latest virtual conference in social media, but will write a short blog entry here too (people who are following my blog via mailing list or RSS will get the update too).

This year’s topic is: Troubleshooting Very Complex Oracle Performance Problems.

The style of the talks is going to be similar to what I presented at this talk, but we’ll go even deeper and have some prepared demos (you’ll get the source code too!) and plenty of time for questions and conference chat.

I will run the same conference twice (like last year), one in April (aimed for US/EU/UK timezone) and one in September (US/APAC). All attendees will get personal downloadable video recordings of both events. And if you want a price discount - early bird pricing ends on March 31st!

You can read the full details at the conference page.

Also, it’s worth disclosing that while this year’s conference has the best content, it has the worst diversity - all speakers are me!

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