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Tanel Põder

Hi, I am a long-time computer performance geek, interested in internals of complex systems and especially in how all the pieces work together. This knowledge helps me to build and fix enterprise data processing systems with less of trial and error and more of systematic approach.

26 years ago, I started as a part-time C developer and then moved to Unix, Linux, Oracle RDBMS and various Big Data processing tools on-premises and in the cloud. I occasionally consult, speak and deliver my performance tuning & troubleshooting training classes too. Over the years I have helped enterprise customers in about 25 countries on 5 continents, but I am working mostly remotely now.

I am also an entrepreneur - the latest venture I’m working on is Gluent, the transparent data virtualization company that does not require rewriting of your existing apps. We target the enterprise space and have customers ranging from mid-size to Fortune 50. Before Gluent I had started a couple of companies around consulting business, a data center consolidation planning solution and even an asynchronous mobile voice communication app. I like efficiency and productivity!

In addition to my technical research, advisory, consulting & training work I talk (and learn) at conferences too.

Tanel Poder speaking at a conference Tanel Poder speaking at a conference Ain't no stopping, Tanel delivering training after breaking a leg!

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