Virtual Conference Update: Systematic Oracle SQL Optimization in 2020


The current state of affairs in the entire world have radically changed since last month when we announced the next Oracle SQL Optimization event in the virtual conference series. We’ve been keeping an eye on the trajectory of the developments and decided to make some changes too.

So, here’s the update: we are going to run the Oracle SQL Optimization in 2020 virtual conference twice!

Additional dates

These are the existing + new dates for the event:

Other details

Why such an unusual way to adjust the conference?

A week ago we came to the conclusion that by 23. April (conference start time), there would likely be some attendees who were still in the process of figuring out how to work at full speed remotely from home. People would be dealing with all the related mayhem that may be going on “at” work, plus making sure that their family is ok and will continue to be so.

In other words, everyone will be distracted, some less, but some may even miss the April event due to unexpected calendar & schedule changes. I briefly considered postponing the event to end of May, but I imagine that some attendees could be still busy with many other things then as the COVID-19-related repercussions will not disappear in just an extra month.

I also considered postponing the event all the way to September (when people are used to the new rhythm & perhaps are even done with some summer vacation days!), but Jonathan Lewis then said why not just run the same conference twice — it’s not too hard for us to do this, as the presentation material is mostly the same. And we all happen to love what we do.

Every speaker was not just fine with it, but saw this as a positive thing for everyone, including the speakers themselves. We need (to generate) positive things right now! We’ll keep the show going (it’s safe to do so remotely) and if anyone’s plans happen to change in April, they can still attend a re-run of the whole thing in September too!

This should also be useful from learning perspective as I happen to know at least Mauro’s presentation will be pretty crazy (given the even crazier complexity of the modern optimizer) and no doubt there’ll be a lot of new to learn in other sessions too, so I’ll hang out at both events for sure ;-)

Registration & more info

As you saw above, we’ve even extended the early bird rate by a month due to these exceptional times, so you can check out further details and register here:

Thanks and “see” you soon! (And twice!)

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