Next Big Thing: X-Ray Vision for Linux Systems with eBPF


I recently published what I have been working on for the past 5 years.

No, this is not about AI or a yet another startup - I’m still a big fan of NI (natural intelligence) and what I reveal is open source and free for everyone to use. I’m not gonna sell you any products, only ideas!

This is a new approach and a supporting toolset for understanding system behavior and its performance across all your applications and data center & cloud footprint. That’s all I’m going to say right now, but this new development is going to be by far the biggest contribution I’ve ever made to this industry!

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TL;DR this is what you get:

A screenshot that illustrates how xcapture-bpf output and stacktiles work with terminal search/highlighting and scroll-back ability:

xcapture-bpf output with stacktiles

Launch video


For downloading the code and other useful things, go to:

I have used the slogan “Understand first, then fix!” for decades by now when fixing problems or optimizing performance, now it will be easy to stay systematic when doing all that and more. I will show demos and examples at the launch, no handwaving or wasting your time!

Now I can switch to the next and final stage of my plan to replace myself with a computer program and retire in 2030. I’m a couple years behind the schedule due to unforeseen circumstances, but stay tuned and see you soon!

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