My New Learning Platform and What I'm Up To in 2022


Tanel in Alaska

Tanel at Mount Denali in Alaska (2021)

In the beginning of every year I travel somewhere and take some time to think about the future and what I should be working on next. The 2020/2021 years were full of all kinds of distractions for me (and many of you). I got somewhat sick a couple of times too (although never tested positive for COVID) and the full recovery to 100% took time. This made delivering intensive training classes during pre-scheduled times pretty hard if I had just been sick.

Nevertheless, when I was thinking whether I wanted to continue doing my training in general, the answer was: “Hell yeah I want to continue doing training”! I like to help people and spread the word that hard problems become much simpler once you approach them in a systematic fashion.

Also, the world and technology have changed since 2010 when I started doing all my classes online. So this year I upgraded my training offering to the modern 2022 levels too. I’m introducing you to my new Learning Platform (

Learning Platform

I call it the learning platform, not training platform, as it aims to maximize the amount of what you can learn from this class, not what I can deliver in a single training week:

Given the crazy last couple of years - people who attended my classes 2020/2021 will have access to the full training experience (for no additional fees). I will email everyone the invites to the new platform in the coming days.

Videos-only Learning at Half Price!

Over the years, many people asked if there was a way to access my training classes at a lower price. I understand this, not all regions (and employers) in the world support the standard training costs in markets like the US and Europe. I don’t offer a multi-region pricing, but now you have two options:

  1. Full training experience (regular price)
  2. Videos only (half price!)

Just go to my learning platform and sign up for one of the “Videos Only” courses for immediate access to training videos, slides and scripts (but no access to the learning weeks, chat/discussion and follow-up sessions). See the details and feature comparison table here:

You will also be able to download the video files into your own computer for “forever use” (there are no time limits on downloaded files).

Hopefully this helps more people to get the most out of my services!

What Else Am I Up To:

  1. I think I’m also gonna be a YouTuber from now on (follow me here). I’ll keep doing my famous 1-hour hacking sessions (that take 3 hours) where I dig into some complex OS or database behavior in a non-structured fashion and try to make some sense out of it. You still will attend at your own risk - the whole session may turn out useless. There might even be some mild cursing where appropriate!
  2. Don’t worry - I’m not going to start another podcast! ;-) BUT the Twitter Spaces audio discussion feature seems interesting, so maybe will try out one session where we’d talk about stuff, with people
  3. Would be nice to travel somewhere physically at some point (like a conference), but not to speak or work and just meet people & drink beer
  4. Otherwise I’ll still follow my 10-year plan of replacing myself with an AI bot (haven’t decided yet whether I now have only 8 years left until the deadline or should I add 2 years due to all the distractions?)

At some point I guess I’ve got to go through my inbox too. I’ve been following the inbox non-zero approach for a while, so it’s probably better if you send me a ping to bump up your email if I’ve missed yours:

inbox non-zero

Ok, that’s it - see you (somewhere) soon!

  1. I am finally close to launching the completely rebuilt 2024 versions of my Linux & AOT classes in my Learning Platform! (Updates to SQL Tuning class in H2 2024):
    Advanced Oracle SQL Tuning training. Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting training, Linux Performance & Troubleshooting training. Check them out!
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