Practical Linux Performance and Application Troubleshooting Training

Tanel Poder

Training overview

The emphasis of this class is on practical application troubleshooting and Linux OS performance tuning techniques. We’ll be using scripts and tools that you can use on any Linux machine whenever a problem happens, without having to first install a complex layer of monitoring tools.

At the same time, we will go way beyond what the classic sysadmin tools (like vmstat, iostat, top) have to offer. We will use a process/thread-level sampling approach instead of system wide averages and drill down into application activity from there.

There is also “application troubleshooting” in this class title - in addition to GNU/Linux OS, we are going to spend lots of time troubleshooting Linux-based applications (Java apps, database engines, web servers etc.) with OS tools. This is useful for augmenting the application’s built-in instrumentation and logging, or in cases where the app doesn’t have decent logging enabled at all.

While we won’t spend time on non-practical tasks like compiling Linux kernels, we will regularly examine kernel activity using Linux built-in diagnostic & tracing facilities like strace, perf, ftrace, blktrace and the latest eBPF tracing tools. We won’t write Linux kernel source code but will learn how to find and read the relevant source files of interest to aid practical troubleshooting and avoid guesswork.

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Is This Training for Me?

I often get these questions. My answer is that if you like my blog and YouTube videos, you’ll like my training too! So, just browse around in the archives and see for yourself!

My Youtube channel has a bunch of informal hacking sessions. Mostly Oracle stuff in there so far, but you’ll see my style:

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