Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting seminar in 2018!

Tanel Poder


A lot of people have asked me to do another run of my Oracle Troubleshooting training or at least get access to previous recordings – so I decided to geek out over the holiday period, update the material with latest stuff and run one more AOT class in 2018!

The online training will take place on 29 January – 2 February 2018 (Part 1) & 26 February – 2 March 2018 (Part 2).

The latest TOC is below:

Seminar registration details:

Just like last time (AOT 2.5 about 2 years ago!), the attendees will get downloadable video recordings after the sessions for personal use! So, no crappy streaming with 14-day expiry date, you can download the video MP4 files straight to your computer or tablet and keep for your use forever!

If you sign up early and can’t wait until end of January, I can send the registered attendees most of the previous AOT 2.5 video recordings upfront, so you’d be ready for action in the live class :)

I also have a Youtube channel (that you may have missed), there are a couple of introductory videos about how I set up my environment & use some key scripts available now:

I plan to start posting some more Oracle/Linux/Hadoop stuff in the Youtube channel, but this is quite likely the last AOT class that I do, so see you soon! ;-)

Update: Here are a couple of teaser screenshots of the stuff you’ll be seeing a lot ;-)

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