ShowMOS: How to get rid of the annoying “The Page has Expired” dialog in My Oracle Support

Tanel Poder


So, how many of you do hate the dialog below?

MOS page expired dialog

Good news – there is a fix! (or well, a hack around it ;)

Before showing the fix, you can vote & give your opinion here:

The fix is actually super-simple. The page expiration dialog that grays out the browser screen is just a HTML DIV with ID DhtmlZOrderManagerLayerContainer, overlaying the useful content. If you want it to disappear, you need to delete or hide that DIV in the HTML DOM tree. The javascript code is below (I just updated it so it should work properly on IE too):


Install the fix as a bookmarklet

For convenience, you just need to “install” this javascript code as a bookmarklet. So just drag this ShowMOS link to the bookmarks bar (don’t just click on it here, just drag it to its place).

So, next time you see a MOS page expired in one of your many open browser tabs, you just click on the ShowMOS bookmarklet in the bookmarks bar (instead of the OK button) and the grayed out dialog box disappears – without trying to reload the whole page (and failing). So you’ll still be able to read, copy and scroll the content.

Note 1: I didn’t try to prevent this (client-side) expiration from happening as you might still want to maintain your web session with MOS servers by clicking OK in the dialog.

Note 2: If you have some ad-blockers or javascript blockers enabled in your browser, the ShowMOS link may be re-written by them to “javascript:void(0);” – so the bookmarklet wouldn’t do anything. In this case either temporarily disable the blocker and refresh this page (and then drag the link to a bookmarklet position) or just add it manually with the code above.

Note 3: As I updated the bookmarklet to support IE too, the new code is a bit different. The old code, for those who are interested, is here: javascript:$(DhtmlZOrderManagerLayerContainer).remove();

Update: I have renamed this tool from original (and confusing) C-MOS to ShowMOS.


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