I have been troubleshooting since I was a kid! :)

Tanel Poder


People often ask how come I know so much about Oracle (and some Unix) internals and how do I have such a passion for such things.

Also, another thing which you can notice is that for some reason a large amount of hardcore computer hackers, low level troubleshooters and various internals experts happen to come from Russia.

And I can answer why this is so :)

A little bit of history: I was born in Estonia and lived over 20 of my first years there. From 1940 to 1991 Estonia was occupied by Soviet Union (excluding few years during World War II when we were occupied by German forces).

So, as I was born in the end of seventies, most of my childhood we were still part of Soviet Union. And that applies to all russians and other nationalities in that empire too.

So, there’s always something good in everything bad – I had to learn troubleshooting since I was a little kid! ;)

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