The real history of Oracle database revealed!

Tanel Poder


Anyone who’s looked into Oracle X$ tables, knows that their names are really complicated and quite unreadable (and non-pronouncable), such X$KZSRT, X$KCPXPL, X$KQFSZ and so on.

A few years ago at some conference someone came up with a thought that the reason why Oracle has so unreadable names for its X$ tables is that the leading edge database source code was actually stolen in the 80’s from a Soviet Union intelligence agency.

And evidence started appearing. For example, here’s an X$ table which clearly references USSR (in russian) below:

SQL> select name from v$fixed_table where upper(name) like '%CCCP%';


The above view has been there for many years (it’s hidden behind a layer of V$THREAD view so no-one would suspect anything).

And now, more evidence has showed up that even in the latest versions ( Oracle just reuses code originally written by the Soviet intelligence agency decades ago:

SQL> select name from v$latch where upper(name) like '%KGB%';

kgb latch
kgb parent

So there’s apparently some KGB latch and KGB “parent” built in into every database from 11g.

I don’t know what exactly these do, but the code locations which make use of these latches make me worry the most:

SQL> select "WHERE" from v$latch_misses where parent_name = 'kgb latch';



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