New Training Prices Next Week


I’m working on the rebuilt versions of my Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting and Linux Performance & Troubleshooting training classes (the updated SQL Tuning one will come later). I noticed that I’ve been delivering these classes for the same price for the last 10 years, since 2013.

I’ll raise my class prices by 10% in the end of next week. This is partially because of inflation, but also because I have much more content in my classes than what you’d get from the more expensive “big vendor” 5-day training courses. The class delivery format is better too, you don’t have to memorize everything by the time the training ends - everything is replayable at your own pace using the training videos.

I wouldn’t increase prices without some advance notice, so here it is: you can still get my classes for their current prices for a week - until Friday, 17th March 11:59pm US EST (St. Patrick’s Day!).

If you sign up now with the old price, you’ll still get access to the fully updated “2023” class material once I release it.

From next Saturday, each of my 3 main training classes will be priced as:

My training content and the problem solving methods are pretty unique. I don’t teach troubleshooting by rebooting or improving performance by using more hardware, but rather how to follow a systematic approach that will get you to the root cause, step by step. And once you find what is causing the problem, you’ll learn how to avoid it or change its behavior. Similarly, once you know exactly what takes most of your response time and server resources, you optimize performance by doing it less.

Soon I’m going to release the first batch of updated material to the AOT and PLP training courses mentioned above. All existing and new training class attendees will automatically see the new content in my learning platform:

Note that I still have lots of video material available in YouTube for free (mostly in hacking session formats) and I plan to become a YouTuber (any day now!), so there will be more regular (and shorter, but useful) videos available there soon!

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