Almost Summer Sale: All Videos-Only Classes Discounted This Week!


Hello all!

I’m finally close to launching my updated courses (AOT & PLP in the coming weeks)!

I’ll be making a lot more noise soon: new open source scripts & tools, blog articles and YouTube hacking sessions. There’s plenty of free stuff you can use even without my training, but for the best results you’d want to combine the tools & techniques with the modern troubleshooting methods and a systematic approach - that’s where my classes come in :-)

It’s almost summer and I’m sure you would like to spend some of your vacation time on taking your systematic performance & troubleshooting skills to the next level - so I am offering discounts on the videos only course material until the end of this week!

This way you can start learning right now and get access to both the current training videos and the new material, at a discounted rate.

Class Bundle

Discounted class bundles

Here are the class bundles with their respective discounts & prices:

Additional items included

There are further extras and deal-sweeteners, listed below:

Offer duration

As promised, people who already have bought my training courses or videos-only content in the new format on my learning platform (March 2022 onwards) will get access to the updated training material as well (I will send you an email when ready)

Thanks and “see” you soon!

  1. I am finally close to launching the completely rebuilt 2024 versions of my Linux & AOT classes in my Learning Platform! (Updates to SQL Tuning class in H2 2024):
    Advanced Oracle SQL Tuning training. Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting training, Linux Performance & Troubleshooting training. Check them out!
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